As an investor, you have the option of extracting your investment once the investment plan has matured. This maturity period is different for each investment and will be communicated to you as you begin your investment. Upon maturity you will receive your share of the property increment, as per the property bank valuation at that time.

This is the optimal option as you will be entitled to receive your principle investment amount as well as complete yearly returns for the whole duration of your investment. Once your investment is nearing maturity, our agents will reach out to you to help plan your exit. You will be notified with the exact exit amount and will have the opportunity to review all projections and assessments.

Even at the time of investment maturity, Square Foot Exchange might decide to hold on to some properties a little longer. If that is the case for a property you have invested in, you will have the option to decide whether you want to continue your investment or take an exit.

You also have the option of exiting from an investment plan before its maturity. You can do this by a prior 120 days’ notice to us and we can adjust the returns according to your needs. If you opt to exit mid-way, you will be entitled to receive the principle investment amount and returns of the previous years’ only.

Prior notice exits will be assessed on a case by case basis. How the company will operate in such events depends on whether we have other investors lined-up for the property you had invested in. If we have an investor willing to invest in your place, we might be able to provide you with an exit sooner than 120 days.

You also have the opportunity to bring in an investor who is willing to invest in your place, in this case Square Foot Exchange will expedite your exit and bring in the new investor through your referral.

We understand that things do not always go as planned, and that you might find yourself in a place where you’d want to immediately take an exit. Square Foot Exchange operates with a commitment to put our investors and their needs first. Hence, we give you the option of exiting from an investment plan on an immediate basis, if need be.

We will charge you a small service fee to manage this immediate exit, proportionate to your principle investment after which, you will be able to extract your payment for the investment plan. If you opt for this option, you will not be entitled to returns of the current year and but you will still receive all of your principle investment amount and returns of the previous years’.