We are a company that has developed an online portal to facilitate investment in the property sector. Our portal provides investors with multiple investment opportunities so they can choose a project of their liking and invest according to their capacity. We also provide complimentary services like exit strategies, legal consultation etc. to ease the investment process for our clients.

We have been registered under the Partnership Act since 13th December, 2019.

Since we work through an online portal, it makes the process of exploring and investing in opportunities much easier for our clients. We also provide calculated figures for changes in the value of any project which reduces the risk involved in property investment. Alongside, Square Foot Exchange also provides professional guidance to its clients to help them make the best decisions.

Yes, you can add funds to your initial investment as long as there is capacity for more investors in a certain project.

Yes, Square Foot Exchange provides a platform that allows pakistani citizens living abroad an opportunity to invest in pakistan’s property. All you need is a pakistani passport to fulfill the requirements of investing in the property.

Profits from any project above a given percentage (specific to each project) will be divided between the investor and client in the ratio of 70/30. The investor will receive 70% of the excess profit and Square Foot Exchange will keep 30% of the excess profit.

The investment period changes relative to each project. It is defined before an investment is made and investors can choose to opt out of an investment at any given time by availing one of the exit strategies.

This depends on the investment plan you choose. If you invest in a rental project, you can expect returns quarterly and bi-annually however it will be specified at the start of your investment. If you choose to invest in the development or land projects, you should expect returns at the time of maturity of your plan.

All projected values mentioned on our portal and/ or provided by us during an agreement are estimates. We use data-analytics to calculate expected returns but we do not guarantee any.